My next game is called Kleptology, and in it I wanted to challenge the mechanics of one of the most classic and universal mechanisms in video games – collecting stuff.

Coins, rings, rupees, hearts, tokens, dots, power pellets, health packs, ammo, etc… Mario punches a coin and then what? Does Sonic absorb those rings to sneeze them out later? How deep are Link’s pockets? It’s a given you don’t even think about, as ubiquitous as scores and health meters and experience points.

So what happens when you take that magic ability away? That’s what I wanted to play with.

I’m still formulating what I want Kleptology to be, but here’s what I know about it so far.

What I want

  • I want it to be fun (derp).
  • It’s a 2D Top-down perspective game (like Zelda).
  • It’s old school pixel art style.
  • I want to poke fun at some of the classic tropes – many of which still persist today (seriously Link how can you carry so much at one time?).
  • I want high replayability (Roguelike? Roguelite?).
  • I want to feed the completionist hoarder tendencies to collect all the things.
  • I want the player to make challenging decisions.
  • I want playstyles to be highly customizable.

What I don’t want

  • Mining or crafting – It’s fun, and I love it, but I have nothing to add to that genre (and you probably don’t either).
  • Combat – I don’t really want the game to be about combat. I’m not sure I’ll avoid combat-like concepts entirely, but I think I can create interesting dynamics without traditional enemies.

Ultimately, I want to play something I’ve never played before, and I want it to be fresh to me the guy who made it.