2020 Amirite?

I have not posted any content in some time, as I promised myself I would, but that does not mean I have not been working on the game. Sure, I had a kid, and there’s this whole pandemic thing I’m sure you’ve at least heard about in passing conversation, but I still steal away a few minutes here […]

2D Top-Down in Unity

Unity has several tools that make it easy to produce sprite based 2D games, which is what I have decided my game Kleptology will be. By default, however, Unity’s 2D tools are configured to handle side-scroller platformers (like Mario), whereas my game is a top-down perspective (like Zelda). When you switch to 2D mode, the camera faces the […]

Working in Unity

The gist Why Unity? Key concepts Why Unity? Unity is a strange beast. It provides a lot of great tooling to speed up workflows that are typically very tedious when you have to do it yourself, but at the cost of adhering to their design choices, some of which where made a very long time ago. Overall, the […]

I am a Game Designer

I’ve always loved art. I’ve always made art. I’ve never really called myself an artist. I was a doodler, and I did enjoy my brief stints in drawing or painting classes I took in high school and college. At some point, I put some money towards it by purchasing a used Wacom graphics tablet so I could draw […]

Embracing Unity

So I knew I wanted my game to be top down on the style of Zelda (possibly my favorite series) so I started my new obsessive research on YouTube looking for tutorials on implementing this style in Unity. I have plenty of application development experience, and a solid grasp of core graphics concepts from college in the before […]


So what is this new adventure? I’ve been trying to come up with a name for this new game for years since I first thought of the idea (way back when I was working on my first game beem). Now that I’ve actually started working on it, I bashed my head into a wall for a few days […]

A New Adventure

I like to make games. It’s sort of a curse that I’ve finally come to terms with. A few years back I took it upon myself to make my first video game. In my spare time I tinkered with ideas, filled my sketchbook with doodles, prototyped in Adobe Flash (what’s that?). After years of toying, I decided to […]