Hey there. My name is Blakejay and I make games and art.

This is the home of the gremlin, a mischievous imp with too much time on his hands. His first escapade was beem, a puzzle game involving the reflection and refraction of a beam of light. It was originally released for mobile on iOS. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, but he’s gearing up for a new adventure called Kleptology. Here’s what I know about it so far:

  • It is a video game
  • It will be playable some time in the future
  • It is a 2D top-down game (2DTD)
  • It has a low resolution aesthetic – that’s code for old school pixel style.

The primary purpose of this dev blog is to share my experience in the creation of this new game.

  • Game design – What makes my favorite games great? What can I learn from them to apply to my own creations? These are fun and usually not too technical.
  • Game development – I describe the solutions I come up with to solve interesting problems as I create the game using Unity. These are technical and have code snippets (hopefully good ones).

So if that interests you, please take a peek and let me know what you think. I write code to pay the bills and for fun, but there is plenty of new stuff for myself to learn in Unity and the realm of indie game dev, so I expect it will be a great opportunity to learn from the community as well.

The first screenshot of Kleptology