A New Adventure

I like to make games. It’s sort of a curse that I’ve finally come to terms with.

A few years back I took it upon myself to make my first video game. In my spare time I tinkered with ideas, filled my sketchbook with doodles, prototyped in Adobe Flash (what’s that?).

After years of toying, I decided to put it out there. I ported my game engine to Monogame (long live XNA!) with the intention of releasing it to the iPhone with the indispensable help of the newly formed Xamarin.

It was a blast. I thoroughly enjoy solving problems in the little worlds I build. Perhaps pixel pushing is the computer geek’s analog of pulling weeds in your garden out back.

While I worked on the game, I consciously ignored marketing. Making a game consumable by the masses was a challenging enough technical goal, but actually getting the word out was far less important to me at the time. I built my game knowing there was a totally separate and vast arena that required attention, and I did not engage it.

I released the iOS puzzle game beem to the void, and the void did not respond for the most part. It got a few downloads, but ultimately did not attract much attention. That did not surprise me, and my feelings towards the situation were ambivalent. In the end, I had accomplished the goal I had set out to meet, but I did feel that goal could have been more complete at inception.

But the gremlin is back, and this time things will be different. At the very least, I plan to document the journey here, if only to keep track of my thoughts and lessons learned, but I figured it would also be a good opportunity to share knowledge as I forge ahead into new territory for myself (Unity) which I think would be interesting and valuable to others interested in the design and implementation of a video game.

Stay tuned.


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