I am a Game Designer

I’ve always loved art. I’ve always made art. I’ve never really called myself an artist. I was a doodler, and I did enjoy my brief stints in drawing or painting classes I took in high school and college. At some point, I put some money towards it by purchasing a used Wacom graphics tablet so I could draw […]

Embracing Unity

So I knew I wanted my game to be top down on the style of Zelda (possibly my favorite series) so I started my new obsessive research on YouTube looking for tutorials on implementing this style in Unity. I have plenty of application development experience, and a solid grasp of core graphics concepts from college in the before […]


So what is this new adventure? I’ve been trying to come up with a name for this new game for years since I first thought of the idea (way back when I was working on my first game beem). Now that I’ve actually started working on it, I bashed my head into a wall for a few days […]

A New Adventure

I like to make games. It’s sort of a curse that I’ve finally come to terms with. A few years back I took it upon myself to make my first video game. In my spare time I tinkered with ideas, filled my sketchbook with doodles, prototyped in Adobe Flash (what’s that?). After years of toying, I decided to […]